Sovereign Calisthenic College was established in Ballarat in 1978.  The College commenced its classes at the API hall in Moyle Street, with a total of 68 students. Originally graded in “D” Grade, the College quickly established itself as a competitive force at the various competitions attended.

Today, Sovereign is an ever-growing, proud and successful club.  The longest established club in Ballarat, Sovereign prides itself on the many team and individual achievements that they have made over the years. With thousands of students participating in calisthenics at Sovereign, there have been countless lifelong friendships made.

Along the way, Sovereign has reached many milestones and goals.  Some of these include:

Ballarat’s only Championship Senior Team

Ballarat’s only Championship Sub-Junior Team

Ballarat’s only Royal South Street Graceful Girl Finalists

Ballarat’s only Royal South Street Graceful Girl Placegetters (including 1st, 2nd and HM)

Ballarat’s only Victorian Coach of the Year (two recipients)

Several Victorian State Team Members

Victorian State Team Assistant Coach

Sovereign is a vibrant and family oriented club and looks forward to continuing sharing many more years of fun and enjoyment with its families, students and audiences.