2016 Bulletin

Tiny Tots (Recreational)

Classes resume Tuesday 2nd February 2016
Tuesday 10:00am

Tinies (competitive – 3-7 years)

Classes resume Thursday 4th February 2016
Thursday 4:00pm

Sub Juniors (10 years and under)

Classes resume Monday 1st February 2016
Monday 4:00pm

Juniors (13 years and under):

Classes resume Wednesday 3rd February 2016
Wednesday 4:00pm

Intermediates (16 years and under):

Classes resume Tuesday 2nd February 2016
Tuesday 4:00pm

Seniors (16 years and over):

Classes resume Monday 1st February 2016
Monday 7:00pm

Masters (26 years and over):

Classes resume Wednesday 9th March 2016
Wednesday 7:30pm

Divisions 2016:

Tinies – Remaining in Division 4
Sub Juniors – Promoted to Division 2
Juniors – Remaining in Division 3
Inters – Remaining in Division 2
Seniors – Remaining in Championship Reserve
Masters – Promoted to Division 2

Tiny Tots
We are excited to hold Recreational classes for Tiny Tots (age 2-4). These fun filled classes will introduce children to music and dance with the aim of exploring movement and creativity.

Sovereign Ballet Classes
We are also thrilled to welcome Karen Mason to the coaching staff. Karen is a highly skilled ballet teacher, and will conduct ballet classes for all Sub Juniors, Juniors, Inters and Seniors. These classes will enhance the students skills and performances.

Debutante Balls

Sovereign Debutante Balls are proud to announce that we will be offering three debutante balls for 2016. We are also very excited that our debutante balls will be held at the beautiful Bray Raceway Function Room.

We will make your night one to remember and offer a different experience to all other debutante balls.

Debutante Ball Dates:

Saturday March 19th 2016

Friday April 8th 2016

Saturday April 16th 2016

If you would like more information please email us at mailto:sovdebball@gmail.com or join our Facebook page Sovereign Debutante Ball.